Track Rack Options


 The following optional products and services are available for Zomeworks Track Racks™. Prices subject to change without notice. 

Extended Limited Warranty

This warranty extends the two-year warranty for shock absorbers and  bearings to five years. This extended warranty must be purchased within  90 days of the purchase of the Track Rack. 

 UTRF-168  $150.00/Tracker 

 All other models  $100.00/Tracker 

Standard Small Shock Absorber

1-5/8″ Small Shock Absorber, replaces older 1-5/8″ shock absorbers on UTR-040, 55, 70, 85, and 100 and TRPM trackers. Item#  FG-SHOCK-612188-40x

TRPM2, UTR 020  $97.00 each plus shipping 

Note: The TRPM2 will require an adapter for these shocks.  Price $78.00. 

High Wind Locking Bar

Used in place of a shock absorber to lock a Track Rack into horizontal position during severe storms or high winds. 

$44.00 each plus shipping 


Additional J-Clips may be required for Track Racks that are not module-specific (drilled to accept a particular make of photovoltaic module) or, are not manufactured with aluminum mounting rails.  A sufficient number of J-Clips for the average module-mounting configuration suggested on the sizing matrix is supplied with the rack at no extra cost. 

If more J-Clips are required, they can be ordered separately when placing your track rack order. Please call if you have questions about the number of J-Clips you will need. 

 2″ J Clip  $5.75 each 

Stainless Steel Hardware Upgrade

 Please call for prices.

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Gimbal Assembly with Hardware

Made for Schedule 40 steel pipe. 

UTR-020/ $86.00 

UTR-040/ $215.00   

UTRF-64/ $287.00   

UTRF-90/ $287.00  

Replacement Bearings and Bushings

If not covered by warranty, they can be purchased from Zomeworks. Because of design and hardware changes, please call with serial number to be sure we offer the best option available. 

Custom Track Racks™

Any Track Rack™ not listed in this catalog is considered non-standard or custom. Please call  us if you have a special situation and are looking for a size, color,  or material that we do not list as standard. We make custom Track Racks™  to fit all modules. Production time for a custom Track Rack™ is longer.  Please keep this in mind when ordering a custom rack. 

Non-Standard Coatings

Epoxy paint is available.  Please call us for pricing and lead times. 

Marine Bearings

These bearings can be special ordered for installations in corrosive climates. Please call the factory for pricing and lead times. 

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